Interactive installation to showcase the boundlessness of human emotion.


Pan and Select

A 3D model of the physical installation, for you to navigate and select the surfaces you wish to manipulate.


After selection, pick from the range of colours by spinning the colour wheel to your desired colour.


Try viewing Kloud from a different perspective and you might discover something different?

Have fun!

Watch as the physical installation responds to your changes in real time with other users!


Our App

The beauty of human emotion is its capacity to continuously evolve and fluctuate. This unpredictability is reminiscent to that of clouds in the sky.

Our Concept

A digital extension of the physical installation, it is a means for users to express themselves emotionally onto the installation with their fingertips.

Our Team

The team consists of students from interaction design who were allocated different roles. Using their abilities to create Kloud for people to immerse in.